Preparation Tips for Furniture Painting

A few helpful prep tips as you prepare to use

WHILE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STRIP, SAND, OR PRIME you do need to clean. TSP (trisodium phosphate) or any good cleaner free of silicone or oils will work. Clean until you no longer get any dirty water. Allow your piece to thoroughly dry.
ALWAYS CLEAN BEFORE SANDING. If you sand and then clean you could push the dirt, wax, and grime into the wood which will cause a streaky finish.
REMEMBER TO NEVER SHAKE THE PAINT OR TOP COAT. The day before painting, turn your paint and/or topcoat can upside down. This will help unsettle the solids that have drifted to the bottom of the can. When you open the can the paint may feel like taffy or stiff brownie batter, don’t worry, just start stirring. Remember to scrape the bottom of the can while stirring. It may take a few minutes but soon you will feel the viscosity of the paint change and become more fluid.
APPLY THE PAINT WITH THE BRUSH OF YOUR CHOICE, Whizz purple velour roller, or spray. If you spray remember to thin the paint with distilled water per your sprayer’s specifications. Sponge rollers/brushes are not recommended.
DON’T OVER WORK THE PAINT. Lay it down, let it lie and dry! Allow a minimum of four hours between coats. In extremely humid conditions allow longer.
WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE APPLYING THE TOPCOAT. Again, if you are working in extreme humidity allow for longer drying and curing times.